Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Relief India Trust is on a mission To Make This World a Better Place

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There is this big tragedy of life, there are some lives that do not live as well as us; actually more than half of the Indian population comes in this category and lives below the line of poverty. All they need is a kick start, a chance at life so they could start working on their own, the Relief India Trust is an NGO that is striving to do that, to give them that one chance so they can live their lives as they hope to, as they want to because these people cannot get a chance on their own, they live in the gutter and will die in it. Being humans, we all have empathy and a dedicated portion of brain to run it, just so we could understand each other, so we could know what others are feeling, so we feel and help the distressed out of their troubles.

Life Isn’t Fair

We were all born equal and free, but those that live in the slums are not, they are slaves to their hunger and poverty. Even in a free nation, there are people who cannot do what they please, for whom life is not a bed of roses but a constant struggle for survival. The Relief India Trust believes Children should be playing, enjoying their childhood, but are almost devoid of innocence, instead of books to read, they have food to fight for, diseases to tackle and here we are sitting in our bed of roses waiting for the coffee to get ready, cursing the water if it is too cold or too hot. There is a man out there right now, with a disease that can be cured with one shot or pill, but he doesn’t know that he thinks he is cursed , he will die of the disease while we have our bathroom cabinets full of medicine that we hope never having to use.

Their Only Chance

We are the ‘happy’ part of the society, the portion without any troubles, it is us who have the surplus funds, time, energy and the will to care for them, it is us who must do it or we might lose the half of Indian population or worse; we may never fully gain them. Relief India Trust is a platform gathering the help, gathering the funds, gathering the supplies, gathering the manpower, gathering the donors and going down there to deliver the help to those who need it. This is their only chance as they cannot do anything as long as those worries, parasites, diseases and unawareness exists. Though they are working hard, the Relief India Trust is not the actual hero, it is you, the man who feels the urge to help and opens his wallet to give, or extends his arm to donate blood or who goes down there to create awareness. NGO’s cannot function without funds, the funds can only come from the government or the people supporting the cause.

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