Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Relief India Trust | Gives Hope to Children and the Needy.

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There are many children out there suffering from various problems, including diseases, lack of decent clothing, housing, food, education and violation of their rights. Heart problems are among the many complications facing children and even the elderly in the society. Without quick and effective medical intervention, these complications may lead even to death. This thus calls for heart transplants which is an effective treatment method for such complications, but on the other hand very costly. Getting a healthy donor heart is not an easy task and this requires a lot of cash, which many children from less privileged families won’t afford. The medical procedure also demands expertise and professional skills for the exercise to be successful. There are quite a few hospitals in the world offering such medical help leave alone in India. Relief India Trust is a nonprofit making organization that has rolled out various programs to ensure all citizens facing such complications are helped and treated in the best way possible.

To start with, Relief India Trust ensures that the poor and less fortunate get the necessary funds needed to perform the processes. Being an expensive procedure, the poor and needy in society may not afford the treatment which eventually leads to heart failure. The trust, therefore avails the needed funds to the needy children and elderly so that the surgeries can be conducted. Willing volunteers are also contacted to help the patients with such problems by donating the required funds.

Relief India Trust also organizes for awareness campaigns for organ donation in every community to cut down the deficiency of such organs in various medical institutions. In such awareness camps, checkups are also carried out to help diagnose individuals with various health problems. Through such check ups, individuals with heart complications, among other medical conditions are identified and the right treatment is administered to the patients. It is in such medical camps that individuals with specific problems are identified and shortlisted for further attention in specific medical centers.
Once shortlisted and referred for a medical transplant or any form of treatment, the patients are taken through the pre-surgical process where they are prepared before going to theatre for real operation. For instance in the case of heart problems, the patients are prepared on various aspects regarding the use of a new heart and finding the donor for the same. Immune-suppressants are administered to the patients to determine compatibility of the organs before the transplant. All these processes are supported by ReliefIndia Trust by availing the necessary manpower of medical teams and nurses who will conduct the examinations. The nurses availed by the trust help the surgeons with the required equipment during surgery.

After surgery operations and attention is also not an easy task. In order for the patients to recover fully after the operation, critical attention needs to be given to the patients by the nurses availed by Relief India Trust. There are many workers who are availed to monitor the patients even after being discharged from hospital.

For the patients to adjust to the new organs transplanted to them, they need to be closely monitored by a team of experts hired by ReliefIndia Trust to ensure they recover well in time to continue with their normal life.

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