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Relief India Trust Programs | Ways to Helps Boost the Quality of Life

Relief India Trust is one of the top nongovernmental organizations in India that runs several programs tailored towards the betterment of the quality of life of the less fortunate kids while at the same time challenging the community members both physically and mentally. Relief India Trust adopts a variety of appropriate programs to facilitate the rehabilitation of persons under given circumstances while at the same time protecting the environment. The different campaigns organized by the organization are aimed at educating the mass on various hot issues which include HIV and cancer awareness and rescuing individuals from calamities including fire and floods.

Relief India Trust also supplies foods, clothing, and medication as part of their campaign programs which are aimed at helping the needy persons in the community. In addition, the organization has strongly been involved in boosting education striving to ensure that every child can access quality free basic education in primary and secondary school. India has a high population of street and poor kids living in slums and remote areas of the country who would love to attend school but lack the means.
The organization also offers all the needed support required to improve the lives of the less fortunate individuals in the community and addressing a number of epidemics that the society is faced with from time to time. 
Ways Relief India Trust Helps Boost the Quality of Life
-        Aids and HIV relief 
Aids is an epidemic faced by millions of people today and Relief India Trust strongly promotes programs that are targeted at educating the population about this deadly disease, preventive measures, as well as other programs targeted as lowering the spread of the diseases. For the persons currently living with the condition, the organization offers reliefs in the form of medication which include ARVs designed to help boost the patient’s immunity thus enabling them to sustain themselves longer. 
-        Special education
The number of children in India lacking access to education based on their condition is quite high. Relief India Trust provides accommodative programs for these kids allowing them to get home based or school based programs suitable for the kids’ specific needs. The needy kids are also catered in this program giving them a chance to access quality education and enabling them to secure better careers in the future and therefore be able to sustain themselves and families.
-        Medical consultation 
Kids with disability can get access to free medical consultation services and give them assistance with the critical care including orthopedic surgeries, cochlear implant, and eye surgery among many more. In addition, free distribution of medical supplies is also a program carried out by Relief India Trust. There are numerous individuals suffering from various ailments but are not able to purchase the necessary medication. In such instances, these individuals therefore live in utter agony. 
-        Distribution of clothing

Other than distributing relief foods, Relief India Trust also provides clothing to the needy individuals in the society. The Organization freely provides then with blankets and clothes. 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Making Life Beautiful With Relief India Trust

The beauty of life is seeing all those around us smile. Life is actually magical when we integrate and share as was initially intended by the creator of the Universe. If you are a believer, then you understand that we are all one and the same and so starting with the family as a basic unit of the society, we can make life more worth living and enjoyable. Contrary to that, it is quite saddening that there are many people out there; children, mothers and physically challenged with weeping eyes and sad faces all the time! The beauty is no longer there as such depressions in the air have covered all the beauty. Poverty has hit hard and many are finding it quite difficult to get out of it. Governments are trying hard but alone they are not able to provide better lives for everyone. That is why various NGOs including Relief India Trust  have come up to help mainly the needy and less privileged in the society and thus help maintain the happy and beautiful atmosphere.

With Relief India Trust  working with a major aim of improving the quality of life and society in general, the beauty of the environment is slowly reshaping and the underprivileged now living a better life than you could imagine. The organization is actually run by volunteers working for their heart’s contentment and love of humanity. None of the services rendered are paid for and that makes Relief India Trust  a special organization. Can you imagine that some people have devoted all their lives to Relief India Trust  to help change the society and lives of the underprivileged! That is actually the case with this organization.

Sometimes it is true that the little things we do for the poor matter a lot and make the difference. There is actually nothing more beautiful than seeing the sad faces brighten with a smile. Giving a new life to the hopeless through food distribution, providing free primary and secondary education to the street children and those staying in the slums, providing decent clothing for the needy, supplying various medical equipment and facilities to the poor and needy and above observing the rights for all in an equal manner is the ultimate for any trust set up and Relief India Trust  has successfully achieved that.

All the services mentioned above are provided free of charge, provided more people are willing to volunteer in helping the needy in the society. Relief India Trust  only works to polish and promote a good and clean soul inside every one of us. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to donate money or directly participate in the process, you are much welcome and you will feel a sense of happiness in you having successfully helped a hopeless heart get filled with joy.

You can never be out of the means for supporting the needy in society. Whether you are a professional or talented in any way, you can directly participate in helping the need at least for two hours after your day’s activities. Serving humanity and nature is actually the ultimate satisfaction you should always aim for.  Your participation in short deserves a real appreciation the same way you have helped make life beautiful.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Helping Hand : Relief India Trust Review Non Profit NGO

The human kind has always lived divided, there have always been hierarchies among men. Some live like kings, others cannot; some have all the riches, others have nothing; some control the others, others get controlled by them; some have everything life can offer, others lack everything.The Relief India Trust believes that with the standpoint of human rights, there are only two kinds of people, those living below the poverty line and those living above, sure there are different levels of people above the poverty line but they are all the same in knowing their lives, sharing the basic facilities of life. Those that live below the line cannot help themselves and require an external help to get them at least above the line so they could get the time and power to change their lives and being their fellow humans, it is the duty of those above the line to help those down below.
To help, it takes More Than a Will
The Relief India Trust Nonprofit has taken the initiative, anybody can take one and set out to help, but there is only so much a man can do. Even if one goes down and tries to support the society with all his might, he cannot help because there are so many levels the slums need to be helped till they get capable of supporting themselves. There is some work being done, but is by far insufficient.
·        All the children must be educated, unless they are, their future is even darker and more grim than their present, and so is the case with their children and then children of theirs unless a generation gets education so they could understand the life and become capable of living it. There have been radical efforts made in this regard by the Relief India Trust.
·        All must get healthy; isn’t it unfair that we enjoy the best healthcare in the cities while those in the slums cannot have it, they get simple diseases and die of them. Everyone lives their lives emaciated, parasite stricken for their whole lives, never getting any treatment. And for the treatment, one needs the medicine, the man power to deliver it, the funds to manage it, the resources to create it and the access to the places where it is needed.
·        All must have the basic facilities of life, the Relief India Trust is trying to provide just that but the afflicted population is so great in number that it seems impossible to fulfill the need. There must be clean water for everyone, ample food for each person, enough clothes to tackle the cold, enough supplies to keep diseases at bay, sufficient medical care to treat everyone before the condition worsens.
·        All the human rights must be fulfilled; the charter of human rights is enough to provide guidance in this regard, each person of the society should get his rights and should be aware of them.
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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

"Being United with Relief India Trust"

Have you heard of Relief India Trust? If you have not yet, then it may be time for you to stop and read what they offer to the Indian children in their community.

Helping poorchildren is indeed a noble work. Through donating anything you have for the poor kids, you are already making a difference, and you can never imagine that. Your donations and help will go a long way as you always wish. Whether it is a nutritious food, health care, clothing, clean water, and education, you know that you are giving a better future for the children.

The Relief IndiaTrust is an organization that is dedicated to dealing with children and their families together with the entire community to attain their potential by dealing with the root causes of injustice and poverty.

Sometimes, when you think of it, everything is really impossible because there are thousands of needy children who are right there in front of you, and due to limited resources, you know that you can never help them all. But with helping hands, nothing is really impossible. If there are thousands of kids who need our help, then let us form in thousands as well. We have to communicate with other people to let them know that they can make a big difference with just a simple donation that they can give to the poor. We may not be successful in encouraging all people, but the least that we can do for the poor children is to serve as their voices so they may be heard by the many. It is one simple act that we can all do in our own little ways. We will never know when this will end, but the fact that we are fighting against poverty, everything will then end so soon. With the help that we are going to provide them, we give them the chance to stand and live up their lives again and survive. By simple volunteering your little services or giving them financial aid, we can make a big change in their lives.

Would you not be happy with that?
The Trust is there to give us a helping hand as well. They are our bridge to see those poor kids who need our help. They are there to gather all of them, so we physically have sight of them. Any kind of help that you can give is very much appreciated by the organization. Without this little help of ours, they will never go a long way.

We will not just face the problems and issues that the poor kids need. We will help them get solutions and answers to their questions, and we will be there to guide them all the way through. We will create a permanent change in their lives because this is the only way that we can help them in building a better tomorrow. We may not be able to do all this overnight but day by day, we know that it is not impossible. 

How Relief India Trust is improving Education?

Education is the pillar upon which every society across the world is built. Therefore, the provision of education is one of the most important issues that the government of every country has to ensure is kept at the best of standards. In countries where the major part of the population is not able to access education services, they are characterized by a struggling economy. This is due to the fact that the population is not equipped with the relevant skills to play their role in the building of the country. On the other hand, countries that have invested in their educationsystems are mostly characterized by prosperity and young innovation.

Due to the facts above, the Relief IndiaTrust has decided to look keenly into ensuring that the people of India have access to education so that there is improvement of the country in all standards. This is not only done at the basic child level, but the organization has also focused on teaching the grown how to read and interact intellectually. This is due to the fact that development can only happen if all sides are pulling in one similar direction. The Relief India Trust has contributed to improving the standards of education in the country in the following ways;

·        Gender equity education systems
To ensure that both the girl child and the boy child are well educated, the organization has built up centers to ensure that the girls are not left out as the boys get to learn. This is in a bid to ensure that there is social equity across the society. The trust has also been highly involved in the campaign for ensuring the poor in society are provided with the necessary funds to advance in their studies.

·        Study material distribution
Relief India Trust understands that most of the times the reason as to why the education system in the country does achieve its ultimate goal is due to the fact that the pupils are not in access to the relevant study material that is needed for full potential actualization. As a result the trust has gone within its means to provide the relevant study material to areas most needed. The initiative has seen a lot of students in the country get better in studies and even achieve more in the classroom.

·        Special education for the disabled

The goal of education is to reach all in the society and provide all the students with a chance of competing favorably for opportunities available in the job market. This is to mean that people living with disability are also a part of the system and thus should be educated as well. The trust has set up special centers all around the country to ensure that the disabled in the country are not left behind in the society. In these centers, the disabled students both at infant and medial level are taught in their own special way. This is also incorporated with the teaching of basic skills that they can put to use and earn a living for themselves later on.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Relief India Trust Genuine NGO | Giving Help to Relief India Trust

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Have you learned that there are thousands of poor children in India who need your help? The Relief India Trustis formulated with just one major objective. It is created by a number of people for community service for a lifetime. The organization is more focused in young children who are in need of help because of the calamities and disabilities that they are suffering from. The Relief India Trust is a non-profit organization but it strives to get donations and support even to the government people in order to fulfill their objectives. They maximize their resources and love for the young children in order to turn excellent intentions to better results.

The Trust organizes programs and counseling to those who need the assistance. They are well-known for their commitment to innovation and accountability. With the noble deed that they do to their fellow men, they have gained partnerships and donations from other people. They are very much dedicated to work for these less fortunate children in India in order for them to reach their goals and full potential.

Giving help to the Relief India Trust is like giving the children a positive difference in their lives. We have to show them that we are compassionate people, and that we would like them to live a better life despite of the challenges that has happened to them.
With Relief India Trust, they know that they cannot survive and do it all without the help of their partners and some other donors. Together, we can help bring a better world in the future.

The programs that are offered to children are not limited. They are provided with good clothing materials that are suited for their everyday needs. They are also provided with free education. The children are provided with nutritious food that can help them survive their daily lives. With all this help, we can assure ourselves that these kids will have a better future ahead of them. With the help that we give them, we know that there is always a big chance of getting them a better life. This is what we all want them to have.

Aside from all these programs that are mentioned above, the organization also provides counseling and training programs for the adults. This will enable them to start anew despite all that has happened. It is important to let them know that they are not alone on their journey to a better life. We are all here for them, and that we will guide them to get through all this. Donating to the Trust organization is like giving a good hand to those who needs it. Donations are not limited to material things. There are also times when the organization would need assistance and supporters for their projects. In that way, there are some volunteers that are needed in order to enable the programs that they are building for everyone. And this is a good opportunity for those who do not have enough funds but have enough time to share.  

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Relief India Trust | Enhancing Better Quality Of Life

We have a number of people in the society facing hard times due to their inability to deal with the situations facing them. This may be as a result of poverty, underage or physical disability. For that reason, the concerned individuals are either oppressed or not capable to live their lives as deserved of any human being in the society. It is hard for such groups to ensure a better future for themselves or to their children who depends on them. It is humanly that the privileged members of society extend a helping hand to such groups in society to help them to live up to their dreams and expectations.

India is one such country where poverty has stricken a very large group of the society, with a lot of children dropping out of school to help their needy families at least put something on the table at the end of the day. This has resulted in early child labor where they are subjected to harsh working conditions under individuals who do not care about their well being. The women in the society on the other hand are facing tough times due to the fact that they are considered as the ‘weaker section’. Physically disabled on the other hand are faced with tough times without people volunteering to help them. The only remedy for such problems facing specific groups of society is community mobilization where the privileged members in the society extend a helping hand to the affected individuals so that they also live a better life.

Relief India Trust is a nongovernmental organization whose main objective is to see all members of society live in harmony and in better conditions. We help members of society with disabilities, young children without the support and the poor who have no means to sustain their lives comfortably. Through our various activities in different sectors such as community participation, education, environmental protection among others, we have effectively helped a large group of individuals sustain their lives in a better quality way.

Objectives of the Organization
We are mainly concerned about children and the environment the reason why we go an extra mile to ensure that schools have been set up for the poor and disabled children to attend for free. Poverty is a disease whose only remedy is education. We have decided to put the children’s education on the priority list so that they can learn life time skills to enable them acquire jobs in the future and from that they can sustain themselves and their families. There are actually many child labor turned students reported every here so as to help their families in adding their daily income to sustain their lives. Our goal is to ensure such children get enrolled back to school at different levels according to their age so that they can learn various skills and gain knowledge that will enable them secure better job opportunities.

As earlier mentioned, promotion of the environment is also our primary goal. We do participate in various activities that ensure better environmental protection such as tree planting and cleaning of the environment.

People’s development through continued participation in networks and campaigns is all that the Relief India Trust is fighting for so that the disadvantaged members of society can also experience the better side of life. We fight for children's rights, enhance their education and take part in participatory governance to help the society at large without forgetting management of community’s natural resources.

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