Tuesday, 16 February 2016

"Being United with Relief India Trust"

Have you heard of Relief India Trust? If you have not yet, then it may be time for you to stop and read what they offer to the Indian children in their community.

Helping poorchildren is indeed a noble work. Through donating anything you have for the poor kids, you are already making a difference, and you can never imagine that. Your donations and help will go a long way as you always wish. Whether it is a nutritious food, health care, clothing, clean water, and education, you know that you are giving a better future for the children.

The Relief IndiaTrust is an organization that is dedicated to dealing with children and their families together with the entire community to attain their potential by dealing with the root causes of injustice and poverty.

Sometimes, when you think of it, everything is really impossible because there are thousands of needy children who are right there in front of you, and due to limited resources, you know that you can never help them all. But with helping hands, nothing is really impossible. If there are thousands of kids who need our help, then let us form in thousands as well. We have to communicate with other people to let them know that they can make a big difference with just a simple donation that they can give to the poor. We may not be successful in encouraging all people, but the least that we can do for the poor children is to serve as their voices so they may be heard by the many. It is one simple act that we can all do in our own little ways. We will never know when this will end, but the fact that we are fighting against poverty, everything will then end so soon. With the help that we are going to provide them, we give them the chance to stand and live up their lives again and survive. By simple volunteering your little services or giving them financial aid, we can make a big change in their lives.

Would you not be happy with that?
The Trust is there to give us a helping hand as well. They are our bridge to see those poor kids who need our help. They are there to gather all of them, so we physically have sight of them. Any kind of help that you can give is very much appreciated by the organization. Without this little help of ours, they will never go a long way.

We will not just face the problems and issues that the poor kids need. We will help them get solutions and answers to their questions, and we will be there to guide them all the way through. We will create a permanent change in their lives because this is the only way that we can help them in building a better tomorrow. We may not be able to do all this overnight but day by day, we know that it is not impossible. 

How Relief India Trust is improving Education?

Education is the pillar upon which every society across the world is built. Therefore, the provision of education is one of the most important issues that the government of every country has to ensure is kept at the best of standards. In countries where the major part of the population is not able to access education services, they are characterized by a struggling economy. This is due to the fact that the population is not equipped with the relevant skills to play their role in the building of the country. On the other hand, countries that have invested in their educationsystems are mostly characterized by prosperity and young innovation.

Due to the facts above, the Relief IndiaTrust has decided to look keenly into ensuring that the people of India have access to education so that there is improvement of the country in all standards. This is not only done at the basic child level, but the organization has also focused on teaching the grown how to read and interact intellectually. This is due to the fact that development can only happen if all sides are pulling in one similar direction. The Relief India Trust has contributed to improving the standards of education in the country in the following ways;

·        Gender equity education systems
To ensure that both the girl child and the boy child are well educated, the organization has built up centers to ensure that the girls are not left out as the boys get to learn. This is in a bid to ensure that there is social equity across the society. The trust has also been highly involved in the campaign for ensuring the poor in society are provided with the necessary funds to advance in their studies.

·        Study material distribution
Relief India Trust understands that most of the times the reason as to why the education system in the country does achieve its ultimate goal is due to the fact that the pupils are not in access to the relevant study material that is needed for full potential actualization. As a result the trust has gone within its means to provide the relevant study material to areas most needed. The initiative has seen a lot of students in the country get better in studies and even achieve more in the classroom.

·        Special education for the disabled

The goal of education is to reach all in the society and provide all the students with a chance of competing favorably for opportunities available in the job market. This is to mean that people living with disability are also a part of the system and thus should be educated as well. The trust has set up special centers all around the country to ensure that the disabled in the country are not left behind in the society. In these centers, the disabled students both at infant and medial level are taught in their own special way. This is also incorporated with the teaching of basic skills that they can put to use and earn a living for themselves later on.