Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Helping Hand : Relief India Trust Review Non Profit NGO

The human kind has always lived divided, there have always been hierarchies among men. Some live like kings, others cannot; some have all the riches, others have nothing; some control the others, others get controlled by them; some have everything life can offer, others lack everything.The Relief India Trust believes that with the standpoint of human rights, there are only two kinds of people, those living below the poverty line and those living above, sure there are different levels of people above the poverty line but they are all the same in knowing their lives, sharing the basic facilities of life. Those that live below the line cannot help themselves and require an external help to get them at least above the line so they could get the time and power to change their lives and being their fellow humans, it is the duty of those above the line to help those down below.
To help, it takes More Than a Will
The Relief India Trust Nonprofit has taken the initiative, anybody can take one and set out to help, but there is only so much a man can do. Even if one goes down and tries to support the society with all his might, he cannot help because there are so many levels the slums need to be helped till they get capable of supporting themselves. There is some work being done, but is by far insufficient.
·        All the children must be educated, unless they are, their future is even darker and more grim than their present, and so is the case with their children and then children of theirs unless a generation gets education so they could understand the life and become capable of living it. There have been radical efforts made in this regard by the Relief India Trust.
·        All must get healthy; isn’t it unfair that we enjoy the best healthcare in the cities while those in the slums cannot have it, they get simple diseases and die of them. Everyone lives their lives emaciated, parasite stricken for their whole lives, never getting any treatment. And for the treatment, one needs the medicine, the man power to deliver it, the funds to manage it, the resources to create it and the access to the places where it is needed.
·        All must have the basic facilities of life, the Relief India Trust is trying to provide just that but the afflicted population is so great in number that it seems impossible to fulfill the need. There must be clean water for everyone, ample food for each person, enough clothes to tackle the cold, enough supplies to keep diseases at bay, sufficient medical care to treat everyone before the condition worsens.
·        All the human rights must be fulfilled; the charter of human rights is enough to provide guidance in this regard, each person of the society should get his rights and should be aware of them.
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