Monday, 21 November 2016

Relief India Trust Programs | Ways to Helps Boost the Quality of Life

Relief India Trust is one of the top nongovernmental organizations in India that runs several programs tailored towards the betterment of the quality of life of the less fortunate kids while at the same time challenging the community members both physically and mentally. Relief India Trust adopts a variety of appropriate programs to facilitate the rehabilitation of persons under given circumstances while at the same time protecting the environment. The different campaigns organized by the organization are aimed at educating the mass on various hot issues which include HIV and cancer awareness and rescuing individuals from calamities including fire and floods.

Relief India Trust also supplies foods, clothing, and medication as part of their campaign programs which are aimed at helping the needy persons in the community. In addition, the organization has strongly been involved in boosting education striving to ensure that every child can access quality free basic education in primary and secondary school. India has a high population of street and poor kids living in slums and remote areas of the country who would love to attend school but lack the means.
The organization also offers all the needed support required to improve the lives of the less fortunate individuals in the community and addressing a number of epidemics that the society is faced with from time to time. 
Ways Relief India Trust Helps Boost the Quality of Life
-        Aids and HIV relief 
Aids is an epidemic faced by millions of people today and Relief India Trust strongly promotes programs that are targeted at educating the population about this deadly disease, preventive measures, as well as other programs targeted as lowering the spread of the diseases. For the persons currently living with the condition, the organization offers reliefs in the form of medication which include ARVs designed to help boost the patient’s immunity thus enabling them to sustain themselves longer. 
-        Special education
The number of children in India lacking access to education based on their condition is quite high. Relief India Trust provides accommodative programs for these kids allowing them to get home based or school based programs suitable for the kids’ specific needs. The needy kids are also catered in this program giving them a chance to access quality education and enabling them to secure better careers in the future and therefore be able to sustain themselves and families.
-        Medical consultation 
Kids with disability can get access to free medical consultation services and give them assistance with the critical care including orthopedic surgeries, cochlear implant, and eye surgery among many more. In addition, free distribution of medical supplies is also a program carried out by Relief India Trust. There are numerous individuals suffering from various ailments but are not able to purchase the necessary medication. In such instances, these individuals therefore live in utter agony. 
-        Distribution of clothing

Other than distributing relief foods, Relief India Trust also provides clothing to the needy individuals in the society. The Organization freely provides then with blankets and clothes. 

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