Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Relief India Trust | Enhancing Better Quality Of Life

We have a number of people in the society facing hard times due to their inability to deal with the situations facing them. This may be as a result of poverty, underage or physical disability. For that reason, the concerned individuals are either oppressed or not capable to live their lives as deserved of any human being in the society. It is hard for such groups to ensure a better future for themselves or to their children who depends on them. It is humanly that the privileged members of society extend a helping hand to such groups in society to help them to live up to their dreams and expectations.

India is one such country where poverty has stricken a very large group of the society, with a lot of children dropping out of school to help their needy families at least put something on the table at the end of the day. This has resulted in early child labor where they are subjected to harsh working conditions under individuals who do not care about their well being. The women in the society on the other hand are facing tough times due to the fact that they are considered as the ‘weaker section’. Physically disabled on the other hand are faced with tough times without people volunteering to help them. The only remedy for such problems facing specific groups of society is community mobilization where the privileged members in the society extend a helping hand to the affected individuals so that they also live a better life.

Relief India Trust is a nongovernmental organization whose main objective is to see all members of society live in harmony and in better conditions. We help members of society with disabilities, young children without the support and the poor who have no means to sustain their lives comfortably. Through our various activities in different sectors such as community participation, education, environmental protection among others, we have effectively helped a large group of individuals sustain their lives in a better quality way.

Objectives of the Organization
We are mainly concerned about children and the environment the reason why we go an extra mile to ensure that schools have been set up for the poor and disabled children to attend for free. Poverty is a disease whose only remedy is education. We have decided to put the children’s education on the priority list so that they can learn life time skills to enable them acquire jobs in the future and from that they can sustain themselves and their families. There are actually many child labor turned students reported every here so as to help their families in adding their daily income to sustain their lives. Our goal is to ensure such children get enrolled back to school at different levels according to their age so that they can learn various skills and gain knowledge that will enable them secure better job opportunities.

As earlier mentioned, promotion of the environment is also our primary goal. We do participate in various activities that ensure better environmental protection such as tree planting and cleaning of the environment.

People’s development through continued participation in networks and campaigns is all that the Relief India Trust is fighting for so that the disadvantaged members of society can also experience the better side of life. We fight for children's rights, enhance their education and take part in participatory governance to help the society at large without forgetting management of community’s natural resources.

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